About Us

Forward Thinking Pte Ltd.

Promoting the Yachting Lifestyle in South East Asia

At Forward Thinking we understand that every client has their own individual concept of their ideal boat. Sailboat vs power boat, monohull vs catamaran, new vs pre-owned, older vs newer, cruiser vs racer, sporty vs long range, owner-operator vs fully crewed and, of course, within a budget. Forward Thinking has the experience to help clients sort through these decisions and then search for the best boats to be considered. Our Thinking is to help boaters move Forward with the right Solutions.

Singapore has become one of the biggest pleasure yacht markets in South East Asia. It’s ideally located to explore the Indonesia Islands to the south, sail east to the Malaysian islands around Tioman or cruise up either side of Thailand to Phuket or Koh Samui. Singapore has more than 6 major Marinas including adjacent Batam and Puteri Harbour. Annually Singapore hosts the Singapore Yacht Show, the largest yacht show in Asia, and has become a destination for pleasure yachts, from sailboats to super yachts, cruising around the world. Forward Thinking Pte Ltd, Singapore, is ideally located to fully support and promote the Yachting Lifestyle in the region.


To say Peter Mison is passionate about boating would be an understatement. From growing up sailing on lakes to sailing across the Pacific Ocean, windsurfing to super yachts, building a wooden 34’ sloop to maintaining modern power boats, Peter has a vast amount of experience. Peter was a member of the Singapore Superyacht Asso and later secretary for the Singapore Boating Industry Asso . For the past 12 years Peter has helped over 100 clients through the buying and selling process and, during handovers, often helped train the new boats owners. The best part of being a Yacht Broker.