In 1998, WCA members organized the Construction Careers Foundation (CCF), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, raised funds and built the training center to provide much-needed apprenticeship, technical, and safety training to their member construction companies during the winter season. The original facility was opened in February 2001. Between 2005 and 2008, the training centre expanded to include drill skates and training equipment, an off-road CDL driving course and a 22,000-square-foot classroom building. WCA offers a wide range of training services to enhance your knowledge and the skills of your employees at your company`s WCA Regional Training Center or in the workplace. The WCA Regional Training Center offers industry-focused, short-term, high-intensity training programs that allow our students to focus on developing knowledge and skills for a career in a high-demand industry. Our tailor-made and compressed training model puts you on the fast track to a high-quality career. Getting a short-term education and moving on to a new job and career has never been as accessible as it is today. Thanks to our partnerships and the success of our investments with the industry, we have a lot of interest and even a waiting list for some of our programs. WCA can help you expand your professional relationships by bringing together contractors, suppliers, and executives to discuss issues and share experiences, expertise, and ideas. Training is not our ultimate goal at the AOC Regional Training Centre. Mediation and career development is! All of our programs have a high placement rate with leading companies across the country. Our industry partners not only hire our graduates, but are also investors in the programs and the training center itself.

This unique relationship allows us to understand the employer`s needs and hiring habits on the ground floor. This ensures that you use not only our training courses, but also our industrial network. The wyoming Contractors Association Regional Training Center is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable and realistic training environment for its students and staff. To achieve this goal, the training center has implemented a comprehensive behavior-based security policy. Behavior-based security includes all WCARTC staff, from the director to supervisory staff, as well as students in training. The high-intensity, short-term certificate training programs offered by WCARTC represent significant value for those seeking employment in high-demand industries. The core value of certificate programs is that they provide practical qualifications that can provide graduates with an attractive combination of rapid post-secondary performance and transferable skills and knowledge. Certificates allow graduates to find work immediately and position them for future academic success if they decide to expand their qualifications and skills at a later date.

As Wyoming`s strongest and most respected construction trade association, WCA represents the interests of all contractors, and the wide range of products and services it offers is as valuable to service and delivery members as it is to general contractors. WCA provides services and members with networking opportunities and a voice in the association and construction industry. WCA members benefit from the participation of these experts in the development of policies and the improvement of industry practices. The WCA Regional Training Center is an accredited private post-secondary institution registered with the Wyoming Department of Education. Located in Casper, wy, the facility specializes in providing industry-focused short-term technical and career training in the trades, transportation, healthcare, energy, manufacturing and safety sectors. WCARTC is owned and operated by the Wyoming Contractors Association (WCA), a non-profit trade association founded in 1932. When it comes to your company`s results, your AGC membership pays off. These discounts give you a head start on your competitors! Membership in the WCA also includes membership in the Associated General Contractors of America.

Some of the many benefits of this membership are AGC`s discount programs, which provide members with access to high-quality services, state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge products at affordable prices. From vehicle discounts to office supplies to cloud-based construction management solutions, AGC has partnered with some of the best to get you value for your money and improve your day-to-day business operations. With links to key decision-makers at the federal and state levels, WCA advocates on issues that directly affect our industry. .