Players will find that they have two slot machines where they have contracts that they can pass to earn rewards. A slot is filled with a boarding pass or agent contract. This integration card is assigned to new players and contains a total of 10 levels. Those who can fill out this integration card can unlock two agents. Some people like to spend hours playing the same character. But if you`re something like me, then it`s the variety that keeps you going. I like to try all the options and experiment with skills until I find a few characters I really like. To do this in Valorant, you need to know how to unlock agents that you don`t get for free at the beginning of the game. Players who take the time to work on upgrading a contract will be greeted with a multitude of rewards that they can then use to customize their gaming experience. Either way, they want it. VALORANT contracts set objectives for players and offer rewards, including weapon skins and new agents. This XP will be used to unlock new content through the contract system and will also apply to the Battle Pass when it is finally released, according to Riot. The first contract for new players will be the “Onboarding Pass”, which comes with 10 levels to unlock.

When you finish it, two new agent unlocks will be rewarded, as well as a range of cosmetics. After that, players can equip a specific agent contract to unlock their special rewards. If you want to quickly unlock additional characters in Valorant and don`t have time to earn a lot of experience points, you can buy individual contract levels for Valorant points (the currency available in the game for real money). Each level of the contract costs 200 VP, which means that buying an additional agent in Valorant costs 1,000 Valorant points. All valorizing players have two contracted slots progressing at the same time, so any XP you earn will also apply to both, without having to prioritize a new agent via the Battle Pass or cosmetic rewards, for example. To unlock new agents, you must select them and then select “Activate Contract”. From that moment on, you will have to play games and take on challenges to earn XP that goes into the contract. Each contract has two chapters, each consisting of five stages.

After completing five steps – chapter 1 – the agent is unlocked. The next chapter and the five levels it contains usually contain charms, sprays, and gun skin after completion. In Valorant, you can only have one active contract at a time, so you`ll have to think carefully about the character you want to unlock. If you decide in the middle of a contract that you want to unlock another character, you can easily change the contract to another, and the progress of the previous contract will be preserved. One last important note for new players: you don`t need to play as an agent whose contract you currently have an active contract to earn XP. Each contract requires you to earn a certain number of experience points to move forward. It should be noted that the experience points required to meet the requirements of the contract can be earned by any character, not by the one whose contract has been activated. The world of Valorant is filled with a variety of agents and items that players can unlock to use in their future battles. Many of these elements and agents can be unlocked by entering into contracts. These contracts are a set of content that players can use and purchase when playing the tactical first-person shooter based on Riot Games characters. Luckily, we have everything you need to know about these covered contracts for you. Riot gave us more information on how Valorant`s upcoming Battle Pass will work alongside agent contracts when it finally comes out when it`s released.

If you`re new to Valorant and want to get the most out of your gameplay, we recommend reading our guide on how to improve the game. Also, two of the first things every player should do should be to adjust their crosshairs to their gameplay and check their mouse`s sensitivity settings. With these sorted tricks and a few tricks that are still fresh in your head, you will be able to secure the killings and plant the upper hand, no matter which agent you play; and to help you decide which agents to unlock first, check out our list of levels! After the implementation contract is complete, you unlock the agent contracts. Each Valorant agent has a contract filled with cosmetics associated with that character. Every agent contract has 10 steps that you have to go through, and you do it the same way as the introductory contract – you earn XP by playing the game and completing missions. The only exceptions here are the two agents you unlocked during the launch contract. They will have already unlocked the first five stages of their personal contracts. For new players, one agent can be unlocked without having to grind to level 5 around XP, and another to level 10. If you`re especially desperate for an agent after this period and want to skip the rush to XP, you can unlock agents with Valorant`s in-game currency – Valorant Points – which can only be purchased by buying with real money. A contract costs around 1000 Valorant points, or around £9 in the store. Valorant is riot game`s class-based tactical FPS game for teams of five.

Just like most games, it rewards players after playing with XP and extra XP for completing daily and weekly challenges. These XP are used in a contract system that unlocks new agents that players can play with, as well as other goodies, including sprays, cards, titles, and gun skins. Agent contracts can be found in the “Agents” section of your main menu. From there, you can see which agents you have unlocked and which you have not yet received. Each new player in the game initially has five agents: we recommend that you work with the agents and have fun with them. You`ll have unlocked all of Valorant`s agents before you realize it when you think about activating new contracts after each new unlock! Valorant agent contracts are how you unlock new agents in the game. As I mentioned earlier, each contract contains cosmetics associated with the remedy. However, the level five reward for each agent contract is the agent himself.

Therefore, those you have unlocked in the introductory contract start their personal contracts at level six. The five free agents have another cosmetic at level five, as they are already unlocked. Will Jett say “sled down” and make fun of Cypher, “I know if you`re awake?” Only time will tell, but if you have any other suggestions for fun and festive language lines, let us know at @ValorantUpdates. .