29. Do not provide materially false, misleading, incomplete or false information regarding any application for registration, renewal or other document submitted to the Department. With the rise of the construction industry across the country, thieves and vandals have taken advantage of increasing opportunities to commit their crimes. Intruders and other criminals pose a significant threat; However, intelligent and proactive safety planning can prevent theft and vandalism on your construction site. Contact the out-of-service agents today to learn more about how our team can provide you with professional safety and loss prevention services for your location. Our team is ready to create an individual site safety plan for you. 10. Perform these tasks authorized by its registration only when employed by an authorized private security services company and only for the Licensee`s customers. This should not be construed to mean that a person registered as an armed security guard is employed by an unlicensed person pursuant to Section 9.1-140 of the Virginia Code. Construction sites are vulnerable. At all times, the security presence is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your valuable assets. Contact the out-of-service agents today to learn more about how our construction site security services can protect your construction site.

28. Do not provide false or misleading information to departmental officials. For out-of-service agents, protecting your site is a top priority. All of our guards are exceptionally trained and closely monitored, so you know you`re getting security personnel who can handle your most pressing threats. As the leading provider of licensed guards and off-duty or retired police and military personnel, we can provide the most qualified and experienced guards for your construction site. For someone in charge of a construction site, these numbers show how important site safety is to the overall safety and success of your project. Regardless of the size or scope of your construction project, the potential financial risks of theft and vandalism are high. The side effects of these crimes are much more than just the loss of property – they can have a serious impact on your ability to complete the job on time and within budget. 11. Possession of a valid marking for firearms training, if carrying or has access to firearms during service, and only then firearms according to the type of action and the caliber on which he was trained and for which he is qualified. Carry or access a patrol rifle only with the express written permission of the licensed private security services company employing the holder.

Investing in the right security company is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. You need the most reliable, experienced and professional security services to protect your location and the valuable equipment and materials that may be there. You want a company that takes the safety of your job site as seriously as you do. 18. If a uniform is required, wear the uniform required by the employer. If you wear a uniform while employed as an armed security guard, unarmed security guard, alarm defendant or armoured car personnel, that uniform must: 16. Display your registration or temporary registration with photo identification during service in response to a request from a law enforcement officer, ministry staff or client. Persons using private security services in accordance with subdivision 8 of this Division and who have not received their registration must present a government-issued photo identification and permit during service during their service at the request of a law enforcement officer, ministry staff or client.

19. When providing monitoring services for central stations, try to verify the legality of activating an intrusion alarm by calling the location of the alarm. If you are unable to contact us, call an additional number provided by the alarm user who is authorized to cancel the shipment. This does not apply if the alarm user has given written permission to their local police station and registered dealer requesting immediate dispatch or dispatch by phone call. .